Welcome. You may wonder what kind of IT systems this is about. Hardware systems, operating systems, storage systems, software systems? The answer is: All of the them, and a few more.

The IT Systems Group is responsible for ...

  • ... hardware located in the computer center, in particular its acquisition and configuration. Setup, installation, monitoring, and maintenance is done in cooperation with the IT Operations Group
  • ... operating systems running on this hardware and on PCs all over the DESY campus. This includes several Unix and MS Windows flavours. Open services->operating systems in the navigation bar for the full list.
  • ... mass storage of physics data, data and file services for the supported platforms, and backup of supported systems. Open Services in the navigation bar for details.
  • ... information systems like WWW servers for Unix and Windows users, search engines, the Oracle database servers, mail servers, user registry, network information services and others. You can find these under Services in the navigation bar as well.
  • ... software systems like the Unix login environment, kerberos infrastructure, the DESY printing system, and other more or less visible infrastructure services.

Our other tasks are:

  • We operate computers, mass storage and network components in the computer centre.
  • We provide a stable and reliable infrastructure (power, air-conditioning, fire prevention)
  • We install the computers in the computer centre and administer them.
  • We monitor the services 24/7 and resolve failures.
  • We support the organizers of conferences,workshops and events at DESY and outside the DESY area. We offer IT infrastructure for the event and the participants.
  • We support the organisation of video conferences
  • We dispose outphased IT equipment which was obtained by DESY.
  • We support the other groups in their tasks.