SSH (secure shell) is a recommended program for login to remote hosts. SSH transmits the login information (username and password) in encrypted form over the network. This way nobody listening on the network is able to collect and misuse this confidential information.

An SSH tunnel should be used prioritised instead of VPN to connect to the internal network for security reasons. Please see SSH vs. VPN by D4 (web site is only available from the internal network and only in German language)


To use SSH is has to be available on client site (e. g. PuTTY on Windows computers) and an SSH daemon must run on the server on which the user wants to connnect to or through (e.g. as gateway host). Both conditions are already fullfilled on all Linux hosts. As SSH client program PuTTY can be installed on Windows computers.

Usage of SSH

The SSH man pages explain the possibilities of SSH in detail, but a  complete understanding of SSH is not necessary for the daily usage. Documentation about the most frequently used use cases can be found on the following web site: