Printing from Windows Vista

Some of the 'network printers at DESY' can be reached from the guest network. Desy Guest Network Printers..
Your printjobs can you find behind the bannerpage with the 'username' or 'guest' and your 'hostname' in the desyguest network segment.
On the web page "Desy Guest Network Printers", you can look for the name and right driver for the printer. The printer driver must installing manually. For the printer "confernecec" use the driver "Ricoh SP-C242 PS", for "confernece1" and "conference2" use the driver "HP-Laserjet 4100PS".
For the public printer "pubcp1" in the DESY-Rechenzentrum use the driver "Ricoh SP-C820 PS".
Install the printer, for example 'conferencec', as follows:
Open on Windows with the 'Start' buttom the and the window 'Devices and Printers'

Picture 1 - Select 'Add a printer'

Picture 2 - Select 'add a local printer'

Picture 3 - Select: 'Create a new port', Type of port: “TCP/IP”

Picture 4 - Set following Entrys:
Device Type: "TCP/IP Device"
Hostname: "" or ""
Port name: "desyguestprint"
Disable - "Query the printer and automatically select the driver"

Picture 5 - waiting for contact to server ...

Picture 6 - Use Device Type "Standard" and "Generic Network Card", press 'Next'.

Picture 7 - Select the Manufacturer "Ricoh" and the Printer "SP C232 PS"
If the driver are not listed print on the field "Windows Update"
Press 'Next'.

Picture 8 - Add the name from Queue and Server to the 'Printer name:'
"conferencec on desyguestprint - Ricoh SPC242 PS".
Press 'Next'

Picture 9 - waiting …

Picture 10 - don't print a test page, press 'Finish'

Picture 11 - The printer is now installed, but it is not ready configured. Select the printer conferencec.

Picture 12 - Select 'Printer' and in the opening Field 'Properties'
Windows7: Press on the field "Customize your printer"

Windows : press on the field "Customize your printer"
Picture 13 - In the opening window select "Ports"

Picture 14 - Select the Port "desyguestprint" and press "Configure Port"

Picture 15 - The IP-address from 'desyguestprint' is
Set the 'Protocol' to "LPR" and the 'Queue Name:' "conferencec". Enable "LPR Byte Counting" and press 'OK'

Picture 16 - Open "Advanced" and set 'Spool print ... faster' to "Start printer after last page is spooled".

Picture 17 - Select 'Paper/Quality' and set 'Document Size' to "A4".
For printing on paper set: 'Paper Type' to "Plain Paper"
For printing on foils set 'Paper Type' to "Transparency"
Now press 'Apply' and close all other windows with 'OK'. The printer is now completely installed.