Adding a local printer

How to add a local printer on your Unix machine:

The printcap residing in /etc (which is a symbolic link to ~lp/etc/printcap) will be updated by a cronjob as soon as a new printcap is released in the afs repository. Any additional entries in this file are then lost. There is a second file named "printcap.local" which resides in /etc as well (again a symlink to ~lp/etc/lpd_printcap). At start time the lpd daemon reads this printcap file as well so any local configuration should take place here. After editing the file you have to restart the daemon to make it recognize the changes: use ~lp/sbin/lpc reread to do so.
If you want spooldirectories etc. to be created automatically after changements run ~lp/sbin/checkpc -f printcap.
If you want to use tools for adding your local printer like YAST or LPADMIN, make a backup copy of ~lp/etc/printcap, run the tool, copy the added entries from ~lp/etc/printcap to /etc/printcap.local and then rename the backed up version to ~lp/etc/printcap.
Be warned: If the entries in your local printcap don't make sense or the file is corrupted, the daemon won't start, on a multiuser machine this means nobody can use the printservice. If you are experiencing problems and the daemon dies after lpc reread you can try to start the daemon by hand in the foreground by doing ~lp/sbin/lpd -F the complaining goes then to < STDOUT>...