Adding printer with CUPS and MAC OS

Available CUPS server

Due to the large number of printers and queues on site, the printer have been divided onto several CUPS server each serving only a subset of the available printer. Available CUPS server are:

System-wide CUPS configuration

The CUPS server at DESY is running on a central system. Actually, due to the large number of printer queues available, several CUPS instances serving a (group-specific) subset of printers have been implemented. For example, cups-hasylab provides all public printers as well as all hasylab printers. The CUPS server is specific in the CUPS configuration file, /etc/cups/client.conf:



- Programm
- Terminal
    sudo su
    vi /etc/cups/client.conf
- restart

LPR - printing on MAC OS

Download the PPD file for the printerqueue you want to install here: PPD
Choose "System Preferences"

Choose "Print & Fax"

Click "Add (+)"

Choose "IP"

Choose "Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD"

Choose "Address:"

Choose "Queue: 'Name of printerqueue you want to install' e.g. 'itps2'"

Choose "Name: Name for this queue on your system, should be name of printerqueue"

Choose "Location: Put in location of printer or leave blank"

Choose from dropdown: "Print Using: Other ... "
Point in dialogue to earlier downloaded PPD file

Click "Add"

The printer should now be usable on your system while you are inside the DESY network. Printer queuenames, hardware and associated drivers may change from time to time without a special notification. You will then need to reinstall your queues with the updated PPD files.