Adding printer with Red Hat

Do not install under any circumstances for CUPS if you already a DESY - printer installation have. The ' printcap ' - file with the printers already installed by DESY is overwritten thereby and the printers goes lost.

Open left down on screen the 'K-menue' + 'System' + ' Printer'

Insert the 'root' password and press 'OK'.

Select in the new window 'New'

Select in the new window 'Forward'.

In the window 'Queue name' ist the description of the printer. Insert in the field 'Name' an exist printer name (conference1) and in the field 'Short description' "conference1 on spool-lpr", or if you on the DESY guest network, "conference1 on desyguestprint". Printers by DESY find you on Desy Network Printers or Desy Guest Network Printers
Press 'Forward'.

The window 'Queue type' ist the allocation from queue to printserver. The name is to correspond to the allocation as in the previous window. Insert in the field 'Server' "spool-lpr" or "" and in the field 'Queue' "conference1" or other printername. Select 'Forward'.

Select as printer model 'Generic' and 'PostScript Printer'. The network printers by DESY has all Postscript. Press 'Forward'.

Press 'Finish'.

Print a test page.

Configure the printer with 'Edit'.

Now select 'Driver options'

Select in the field 'Double-Sided Printing'"off" or "Long Edge" and in the field 'Page Size' "A4". Press 'OK'.

Close the installation with 'Apply'.