Printing problems

The current SAMBA version we use is 3.5.16 with a some patches, there are few known problems:

  • Removing jobs from the queue window sometimes only succeeds on the second try
  • Sometimes the printjob appears twice in the queue window, this seems to be related to connection / network problems
  • If you are not a member of the domain WIN installing a printer driver may result in the message 'no driver for this printer on the server'
  • This is a timeout problem, the authentification seems to take a bit longer, so the connection gets lost. Usually it works on the second try..
  • If you have no connection to the Samba - print server you can have problems with the Windows Firewall.

Open in the 'Control Panel' the 'Windows Firewall'.

Select to the buttom 'Exceptions' and 'Add Port'.

Insert the Name: 'Samba' and the Port number: '445' and select 'TCP'.