The Mail Account

Every user who has an account at DESY Hamburg or Zeuthen gets automatically an inbox on our Zimbra mailserver (
The name pattern of those inboxes look like this:


To apply for a useraccount you need to fill out a registration form. This can be found at the UCO (User Consulting Office, Building 2b/131d) or you can download it from this website. After you have filled it out an supervisor of your DESY group need to sign it. He or she is also able to create the account directly.

Alternatively it is also possible that you hand in the signed form directly to the UCO or send it through internal mail. In this case we will take care of the accouncreation and the account will be usually created within 24 hours.

The unique e-mail adress (UEM)

Every user gets a unique e-mail address (UEM) if an account is created. It usually consists of his first- and surname and follows the following pattern:
Example: Mr. Eric Smith has the UEM

Please always use the UEM as your primary mailaddress for your mail correspondence!

The physical e-mail address (PEM)

The so called physical e-mail address (PEM) is the destination address where all mails, which are adressed to your UEM, are redirected to. It is the name of your inbox on our mailserver. Your PEM is consists of the name of our mailserver and your DESY accountname. It usually follows this pattern:
Beispiel: If Mr. Eric Smith has the accountname esmith his PEM would look like this:

Do not use this address as a mailaddress for your mail correspondence!
Only use the UEM, consisting out of your first- and surname.

The Inbox

Mailboxserver like usually administrate plenty of useraccounts and associated inboxes. These inboxes contain the complete incoming and outgoing mail correspondece of every user who is located on this server, if these are not actively deleted, redirected to a different server or have been downloaded and saved locally on any machine.

The Mailclient

A mailclient is a programm which is able to receive, read, write and send mails. The mailclient etablishes the neccessary connection betwenn your computer and the mailserver, in order to provice access to the e-mail inbox on this server.

Our central supported mailclients at DESY are Thunderbird, Outlook and Pine. In addition we provide an full-fledged webclient which you can access with your webbrowser if you open the address With this webclient you are also able to open, organize and send mails and gain access to your kalenders - without any additional configurations. We also provice support for Mac Mail, iOS and Android in all conscience, but we cannot provide guaranteed support for any case and device.

Those mentionaled mailclients are updated frequently and various clientversions are available. But we always recomment to use and install the most recent version which is centrally provided through NetInstall or DSM from our IT service.