Cisco Meeting Server

"Cisco Meeting" is a service of the DESY-IT department for hosting and joining telephone, web and video conferences. The Cisco Meeting Software for Windows can be installed via DSM/NetInstall, please see box on the right for download links for Apple devices and external Windows users. With Firefox webbrowser Cisco Meeting can be used directly under, but we recommend using the software.

All holders of a DESY account can log in with their DESY login credentials (an additional account is not necessary):

Username:  (user-id= DESY username)

Password: DESY Password (Windows- / Kerberos-Password)

After logging in you can setup various so called "Spaces" (virtual meeting rooms). As long as a Space exists, accessing this Space is possible at any time. Spaces can therefore be related to persons or projects.

Attend a Cisco Meeting

Guest access to a Cisco Meeting is possible..

  • via SIP Client (e.g. video conference system) by using the video address (e.g.
  • via telephone using the DESY extension -6060. After prompted enter the Space ID (e.g. 12345) followed by the pound key (#)
  • via direct weblink (received by invitation mail). This is the way participants without DESY account can dial in (see documentation).

Direct weblink and Space ID can be found in the invitation text by clicking the "Invite" button in the Cisco Meeting interface.

Template for invitation mails

As an extended invitation mail text to be sent to external participants we recommend using the following template:

text/plain Cisco Meeting invitation template (1KB)
Cisco Meeting invitation template
web access
download Cisco Meeting software