LAN (Local Area Network)

The ip address range of our Network is further segemented mainly according to DESY organizational structure. Each subnet is managed by a so called Segmentadministrator who is reponsible to give ip addresses to users and who should be the first contact for any user request. You can find the segementadministrator responsible for yourself by having a look at our Segmentadministrators List showing their names, contact information, managed subnets and their organizational.

In most of the DESY Campus building we do offer a autosensing 10/100/100 MBit/s connection to the DESY IP Gigabit Ethernet Backbone network by minimum Cat5 Cabling with RJ-45 wall plugs.

It had to be agreeed on which wall plugs have an active connection to the switches in the wiring closets. To keep this as simple as possible any left wall plug in the modern network areas is connected to a switch and is running in the dynamic VLAN mode. Right wall plugs are only actived on demand ( mail to ) and aren't necessarily running dynamic VLANs. To find out which wall plugs are active and how they are configured (dynmaic/static) our Port-Database is publicly available. By the way, if all wall plugs in a room are in used or a wall plug is need where no Cat5 cabling is installed at all you can request a cable to be installed via WA. A Cat5 Cable costs about 200 EUR. As any active network connection costs about 500 EUR everybody at DESY should try to keep the number of used plugs as low as possible and especially make use of the anyway active left plugs whenever possible avoiding the extra costs for the right plugs.

Supported Network Protocols

Only very few networking protocols are supported. The only protocol supported everywhere and without any limitations is IPv4.