Platform-independent Remotesupport (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Bomgar is a platform- and groupindependent solution for remote assistance. For security reasons all connections are routed via a DESY internal server and no external server is involved.

Bomgar should not exchange the Microsoft Remote Support, but is inteded for speciall support for CAD, SAP or from UCO.

Currently 14 floating licenses are available. The following groups bought licenses:


For more information and requests of access, please contact

Working concept for Bomgar at DESY (only in German):

application/force-download Konzept

Help for Software Problems

To get remotesupport for software porblems, please contact the responsible group (e.g. UCO or IPP). Of course, we follow the rules for protecting the privacy, as published on the web page IT consulting via network (in German) . The user must give his approval and can interrupt at any time. During the session the user and the supporter communicate with each other by phone while the user supervises his computer. The privacy protection requires that all programs or windows which do not belong to the problem must be closed before the session starts.

From the supporter you will receive an email containing a link or a "Session Key" to be used at the following portal:

After downloading and execution of the program, a connection to the supporter will establish and you can accept the "Customer Agreement". Afterwards you can choose, if you grant full access (“Allow shared control of your computer”) or "allow only viewing".

You can close the connection at any time by clicking the X-button.

Short instructions for Bomgar (only in German):

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