DESYcloud is an online storage service, to get easy and fast access to all of your stored data. This service is in the test phase and under construction !

For access, please contact



Frequently Asked Questions

What is my advantage of using the DESYcloud ?

You have the possibility to save, synchronize or share  your data in a known dropbox-like system with the advantage to store the data securely on DESY storage devices.

How much data can I store ?

Unlimited space. Our aim is not to use any quota.

You can upload max. ~10GB per file. The official ownCloud sync-client has no limitation per file.

How can I get access to the DESYcloud ?

Please ask UCO or namespace administrator.
After allocation of a necessary ressource you can log in here

Namespace administrators have to call UCO for ressource access, if they want to add the ressource by themselves.

What do I have to know about this service ?

The DESYcloud is currently in the beta phase so service interruptions and storage errors might be possible. A "disaster recovery" has not yet been implemented in the beta phase. 

The use of the DESYcloud underlies the DESY 'Condition of Use' and is designed only for business purposes.

What happens if a file or folder is deleted?
You can restore a file or folder under "Deleted Files".
Files and folders under "Deleted files" will be removed after 180 days and are not recoverable!
What's the deal with the "versions"?
As soon as a file is overwritten (either by the sync client or manually via the web interface) a version file is created. These version files can be viewed via "Details" -> "Versions".
If you want to restore a file, you can restore the old version with the version file or download the file under "Versions".
Which Sync-Client should be used?

Basically, the Nextcloud Sync-Client should be used in the newest version.

Nextcloud Sync-Clients

ownCloud Sync-Clients will work properly until version <= 2.4

On upcomig updates, the Sync-Client should be changed to the Nextcloud Version

Whom do I have to contact in case of problems?

In case of problems please send an email to

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