External Access Windows, Linux, Mac

Connection from Windows (extern) to Windows (intern) with PUTTY/SSH Tunnel
Connection from Windows (external) to Linux (internal) without graphical Interface
Connection from Windows (external) to Linux (internal) with Graphical Interface

To connect from any external Windows computer to a  Linux computer with graphical interface in the internal DESY network please proceed as follows:

- Download PUTTY from Netinstall or from the webpage:  www.putty.org

- Download XWIN32-FAST X from Netinstall or via the Internet Fast X webpage


PuTTY configuration

- Open  PUTTY.

- You will see two windows with different caategories and options for the categories.

- Go to Session category, indicate the Host Name: bastion.desy.de and Port 22. (The host name is always bastion.desy.de)

- The protocol is SSH.


Tunneling/Port Forwarding

- Change to categorie  SSH -  Tunnels.  Here you must indicate the 'remote port'.  That means the port of the (remote) computer, which you want to forward to a port of a local  computer.

- The'Source Port' is the port of the computer you want to connect to -  to which you want to establish the tunnel.

- Here port number 7022 was selected. It is possible to choose ports between 5000 - 65535, because those are available and will not be used by other applications.

- The 'Destination' defines a computer and the port you want to connect to.

- Indicate the computername ( in this case exfeluser1.desy.de), followed by a colon and port number 22.

- For Remote Desktop Connections on Windows PCs always use 3389 verwendet. (fig.1)

- Click on Add - The session is established and has to be saved (fig.2).


Save a Session .

- Go back to the session

- Indicate under Saved Sessions any name (here Exfel- Session), by which you want to open the session later.

- Click on SAVE



-  Go back to the SSH- Tunnel and klick on  Open.

-  The  bastion.desy.de window opens.

- Indicate DESY user name and password.




Opoen Xwin32-FastX

Click on: Manuell - ssh and then weiter



Connection Name: any name (here local tunnel has been chosen)

Host: localhost

Befehl:   depending on what is running on the machine: startkde, startgnome or startxterm


- Go back to  My connection and click: Starten

- Indicate your user name and password ein

- If the login window should open again, make sure with the administrator of the machine that you have all necessary  access rights.

Connection from Linux (internal) to Windows (internal)

You need:

  • SSH Client

  • xfreerdp Client

  • You have to be indicated as remote user on the target computer (your admin can do that)

  • username = Your username

  • computername = name of the target computer


  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Indicate the following command to establish the Remote Desktop Connection.


xfreerdp -u username -d win -g fullscreen computername


 (If desired you could replace ‘-g fullscreen’ with another resolution e.G.’ -g 1920x1080’)

Connection from Linux (external) to Windows (internal)

You need:

  • SSH Client

  • xfreerdp Client

  • You have to be added as Remote User  on the PC at DESY (your administrator can do that)

  • username = Your DESY user name

  • computername = Name of the PC at DESY

  • port = Any port between 5000 - 65535

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Indicate the following command to establish the SSH tunnel.


ssh -L port:computername.desy.de:3389 -l username bastion.desy.de


  1. After that indicate the following command in the terminal to start the Remote Desktop Session.


xfreerdp /u:username  /d:WIN /v:localhost:port



To establish a connection to DESY you could use the Windows-Terminalserver  winterm.desy.de