Automatic filter of mails


In this manual we describe how to set up a automatic filter in the Zimbra Web-Client in order to filter and move SPAM mails which were marked as SPAM from our central SPAM filtersystem.

Creation of own mail-filter

To filter mails automatically we recommend to configure this filter in your Zimbra Web-Client. In order to do this you need to go to your preferences and filter.
A visual description and help to create these mail-filter can be found in the official Zimbra support section.

How to set up an own spam-filter

Please go to our Zimbra Web-Client and log in with our account.
Now you need to create a new folder. This can be made if you click on the upper left part of the window on the arrow beside 'New Message'. Choose 'Folder' in the dropdown menue to create a new folder (s. img. 1). Now a new window will appear where you need to insert the name of the spamfolder which you want to create. (s. img. 2).

Dropdown to create a new folder

Naming the new spam folder

Now you need to go to preferences to create a new mailfilter. Select 'Filters' in the left menue. Click on the button 'Create Filter' and fill in the following parameter in the window that just appeared:


  1. Insert a name for the filter.
  2. Now you need to choose 'Header Named'. Enter X-Spam-TaggedAsSpamByDesy in the first text field (which contains "header" as a default value) and enter YES in the second text field. Keep the predefined search parameter "contains" (s. img. 3).
  3. As a action you need to select 'Move into folder' and click on the now appearing button 'Browse...'. There you need to select the spam folder which you just created before.
  4. To finish the configuration of your filter just click on 'Ok' and all settings are saved now.