IT-Training  - Trainings for Information Technology Topics

Courses Offered

  • Programming and Administration
  • MS Office Applications
  • Other Applications





Training Room

  • Capacity
  • Available Operating Systems
  • Equipment



Conference Organisation

Registration for a Course

Please register to courses which are already planned by IT-Training as inhouse courses via the following website: Course Registration. You have to login to this website with your DESY account to view its content.

After Registering for a Course

If the course can be arranged IT-Training will send you an invitation one week at the latest before the course begins. In the invitation you will find the course data (location, begin of the course, ...).

Courses Offered

In the following table you can find the courses and the course contents which we are normally able to offer you, either as inhouse course at DESY or as participation on a seminar at an external training company in Hamburg.

If you should be interested in a course please first check whether it is already planned. The planned courses as well as its content and the possibility to register for the planned courses can be found on the following website: Course Registration. Otherwise please read the chapter "Other Courses", which can be found on this web site.


IT Courses at Request

If the course you want to take part on is not listed on the registration web site, please contact us via email and let us know your course request. If the course should not be listed on the above mentioned list we need the following information in addition:

  • Which application/computer language shall be trained?
  • What did you do with the application / computer language until now (current level of knowledge)?
  • Do you need basic or advanced knowledge?
  • Are there issues which are absolutely necessary for you?
  • Are you the only one who is interested in such a training or are there further interested persons (If yes, how many)?

Due to many different requirements, which are essential for a successful organisation and accomplishment of a course, we are not able to fullfil all requirements. So if we are not able to offer an adequate inhouse seminar, we will suggest you some external courses on which you can take place. Please note that the costs for your participation on a course (inhouse as well as extern) will be charged to the cost center of your group.

Course Feedback

We appreciate if you would give us your opinion about the course(s) you took part in. This helps us to improve the quality of our IT trainings.

So please fill out the feedback form after the training which will be provided either by the trainer or by IT-Training.

Courses organized by IT-Training

IT-Training organizes IT courses and workshops for all DESY colleagues. If the number of participants should be too low for a DESY inhouse seminar, IT-Training will reserve a seat of an external open seminar (if possible).
For our deaf colleagues we will engage a sign language interpreter for the required course.

Other Seminars

    CAD/EDMS/I-DEAS: IPP, Ulrike Büchler (Tel.: 3370)
    Language Courses and seminars outside the IT range: EDU, Sabine Frisch. (Tel.: 3335)