Introduction of macOS

As part of a compact presentation, IT wants to give macOS users an insight into the DESY specifics of macOS workstations.

The presentation answers the following questions:

- How do I share files with others? (e.g., file system, sync & share, ...)
- How are Windows network drives and group drives integrated?
- What are the drives H:, N: and S: for?
- How to grant server shares and file permissions?
- How can I obtain and update software?
- How do I install printers?
- How do I get macOS updates?
- How to use email, mailing lists, address book, calendar & Co on Mac
- Spam, phishing, viruses, trojans and other malware
- How can I use the Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
- Which password settings are necessary?
- How do I configure the screen lock?
- How does hard disk encryption work?
- ...

In addition, there will be room for everything you always wanted to ask, but maybe you did not dare.

Requirement: macOS knowledge
Language:     German
Duration:       2 hours

The organization of the presentation with concrete data takes place as soon as enough interested parties have registered.

Interested parties register via