DESY specifics of Windows workstations

As part of the DESY-wide migration of the Windows7 operating system to Windows10, interested Windows users have the opportunity to get an insight into the DESY specifics of Windows workstations during the presentation.

The presentation answers the following questions:

- What are the drives H:, N:, and S: for?
- For what do I need file permissions?
- How do I share files with other people? (e.g., file system, sync & share, ...)
- How can I get software?
- How do I install printers?
- What are the differences regarding Windows for PCs and mobile devices?
- E-Mail, mailing lists, calendars & Co
- Spam, phishing, viruses, Trojans and other malware
- ...

In addition, there will be room for everything you always wanted to ask, but maybe you did not dare.

Requirement: Windows knowledge
Language:      German
Duration:        2 hours

The organization of the presentation with concrete data takes place as soon as enough interested parties have registered.

Interested parties register via