Measurements concerning the AFS Clients PRIOR to MacOS High Sierra Upgrade


Due to the shortly (26.09.2017) released and free available upgrade to MacOS High Sierra, some measurements are necessary on Apple devices which have an AFS Client installed to avoid a system error and to continue using AFS.

Prior to the Upgrade the uninstallation of the AFS client is necessary after the upgrade the installation of the newest version of the Auristor AFS Client (Auristor v0.160). All necessary steps are described on this web site.

application/x-apple-diskimage Auristor AFS Client v0.160 DMG (5.7 MB)
Auristor AFS Client v0.160 DMG
  1. Download the above available dmg package.
  2. Via system preferences check which AFS client version is installed on your device. To do this follow these steps:
    • Click on the Apple symbol in the left upper corner of the menu bar
    • Then click on the button "System Preferences"
    • In the new window you should see in the lower section of the dialogue either "Auristor" or "OpenAFS"
  3. Now start the uninstallation of the client following these steps:
  4. Open the downloaded dmg package and start either the script
    • "uninstall.command", if the Auristor client is oinstalled on your device
    • or
    • "uninstall-OpenAFS.command", if the OpenAFS client is installed on your device
  5. Reboot the device
  6. Now start the upgrade to MacOS High Sierra
  7. Open the downloaded dmg again and start the installation package Auristor-Lite.pkg which is included in the dmg.
  8. Check whether the AFS client has automatically been started after the installation by opening the system preferences again (see step 1) and clicking on the Auristor symbol. If you see a button named "startup", click on it to start the client. Otherwise the client has already been started automatically.