Repairs of Mobiles - Displays - Laptops

IT Devices

Mobile Phones

During the guarantee period defective DESY standard mobile phones can normally be exchanged or repaired within some days. After this period it is possible to repair minor issues (e. g. exchange of display or battery).

Please fill in the mobile phone repair order and inspect your device as requested in advance.
For help you can visit our FAQs.

Please note that a damaged smartphone will only be repaired if the device has an up-to-date operating system with security updates. In general, the costs for repairs should not exceed the costs for a replacement.

To reduce the downtimes to a minimum, IT has a small pool of replacement devices. Those can be borrowed for the duration of the repair or in case the device has to be exchanged, until a new device is available.

All guarantee issues and repairs of standard devices should be settled with the IT department which will save time and avoid unnecessary work. If required, please contact UCO (Ext.: 5005, Bldg. 2b / 131d, E-Mail:

Further information about DESY standard smartphones (including a list of the DESY standard smartphones) can be found on the following web site:

Computer Displays

During the guarantee period repairs of defective DESY standard monitors can be processed via IT.

Please bring the defective monitor together with the filled in repair form to UCO (Tel: 5005, Bldg. 2b / 131, E-Mail:

Due to to the fact that computer monitors are repaired or exchanged by an external service provider, an appropriate processing time should be expected. To continue operation please refer to one of your group administrators, they can normally offer eventually needed replacement devices.

Outside of the warranty period or in a case of damage not covered by the warranty, a new monitor must be ordered. If required please refer to one of your group administrators.

PCs and Notebooks

Repairs of PCs and notebooks can be processed by IT. Whether this is possible and economic must be clarified on a case by case basis. If required please refer to Claudia Bührig (Tel: 2351, Bldg. 2b / 615, email:

Scientific Devices

Scientific Devices

Scientific devices like

  • Test and measuring devices
  • NIM / CAMAC power supplies / Crates
  • Private mobile radio
  • Audio and video devices
  • low and high voltage power supplies
  • Signal generators
  • and others on inquiry
can be repaired by IT. If required, please refer to
Andre Zimmer (Tel: 3423, Bldg. 2b / 616, email: