User Consulting Office - UCO

What is the UCO and its responsibilities: 

The UCO is the first point of contact if you have any questions or problems with the centrally provided IT-Services at DESY.

We are your contact persons at the IT group. If you want to communicate with us please dial telephone number 5005 or send an E-Mail to

What we do for you:
The UCO provides support for the handling of the IT environment at DESY as well as for questions or problems with centrally provided components of the IT environment at DESY in Hamburg 

That implies: We provide support for problems regarding:  

  • computer systems (Linux, Solaris and WindowsXP) that are equipped and installed with IT versions (installation server, DVD, RIS) as well as
  • Software that you have at your disposel through our centrally installation methods (AFS-Repository for UNIX and NetInstall installation for Windows)
  • Data backup and restore of old versions
  • Printing
  • E-Mail
  • the access to the DESY intranet and external network connection
  • password questions and account registration
  • and much more...
Our help shall contribute to resume the work flow quickly after malfunctions.

 If a concrete solution should not be possible we provide as an option a temporary alternative.
We see ourselves as mediators between the IT service providers and users or guests.

 We provide assistence for equipment with DESY- or IT-specific settings. User requirements and suggestions are forwarded to the corresponding contact persons.
We cannot solve all problems:  

Our resources are limited. Helping people to help themselves is the aim of our assistance.

Main focus of our assistence are the services provided by IT. Of course, we assist you solving problems, but this will probably be limited to demonstrate solutions. We do not help e.g. with programming in the different computer languages.
That is how we work:  

We have got a three-step (help-)model:

The requests and problems will be processed as follows:

  • UCO students (1.Level) take up the request. If it is an easy problem they can provide a solution or they pass it on to the responsible persons.
  • UCO-staff (2.Level) works on the requests and e-mails that are sent to If the problem cannot be solved immediately, we will see to that the problem will be followed up by a third party.
  • Experts or operating service (3.Level) work on special requests that are passed through from the UCO staff and which require special system- or programming knowledge.  If necessary, external companies will be consulted for solving severe problems.

    During normal working hours the requests by phone will be handled by our UCO students, otherwise by the colleagues from the computing center during their shifts.

    We are working with the RequestTracker, an electronic system that guarantees that no request will be lost.