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AMS News

  • 2015-03-26: Since version 36 access with Firefox makes problems. After logon you see only a white page. Unfortunately this problem can not be solved at the oment neither in Firefox nor in AMS. You have to 'Disable protected mode' as shown in the picture below.

Firefox since version 36 with AMS

AMS Scans

  • Computers at DESY are scanned monthly to collect information about technical configuration and installed software. Have a look at the attached document 'Software-Lizenzen't.
  • Windows-Computer:
  •        within domaine:   A pcx-number has to be assigned to computers with help of MS managment-console. Then scanning proceeds autmatically.
  •       with domaine, but auto scans disabled:   After significant changes computes have to be scanned manually. This can be initiated from MS managment-console, or the scanner program can be started manually.
  •      outside of domaine:   Computers have to be scanned manually. To do this the follwing registry-key has to be set to the pcx-number: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow632Node\DESY-AMS\Version  (e..g..: Version=pcx12345). Then open a CMD-window as administrator and start the downloaded scanner program. If the compuetr has no connection to the DESY-network start scanner with this syntax: AMSW32win32-x86.exe -p:C:\Temp\. When the scanner stops without error it will create a Scan(.xsf)- and a Log(.log)-File in C:\Temp. Copy these soon to  S:\services\AMS\incoming_manuell, or send them to
  • Macintosh-Computer:   A scanner program for Intel-based Macs is available for download. Before starting it in a terminal-window it has to be assigned execute-rights (chmod +x ...) and two environement variables have to be set : computername and geraeteid. For geraeteid use the pcx-Nummer, e.g.: 'export computername="zitmeinPC"' and 'export geraeteid="pcx12345"'. Thenyou an start the scanner programe e.g.: ./AMSW32macosx-x86. Both scanfiles computername.xsf and computername.log are copied automatically with FTP .
application/pdf Software-Lizenzen (488KB)
Software-Lizenzen, CUC 26.09.2013
application/octet-stream DESY-AMS (448Bytes)
Reg-File to store pcx-numbers in Windows-registry
application/octet-stream AMSW32win32-x86 (622KB)
Windows-Scanner for AMS
application/octet-stream AMSW32macosx-x86 (2.1 MB)
Mac OSX - Scanner
OSX-Scanner for AMS