In progress (status: 21.11.17): What has to be considered after the changeover?


This section deals with the aspects that need to be taken into account after your computer has switched to Windows 10. For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact your group administrators and/or the UCO (, Tel. 5005).

Basic work

Change the language of Windows as required

To change the language in Windows 10:

  • On the Start menu, click the icon with the gear ("Settings").
  • Click on "Time and Language" and in the left tab on "Region and Language".
  • Click on the desired language under "Languages" and select with the "As default" button.

Note: To activate the language setting, you must log out and log in again once.

Screen resolution / readjust font size

To change the screen resolution in Windows 10:

  • Right-click on your desktop.
  • Select "Display Settings".
  • Under Resolution you can select the desired resolution.
Reinstall software (via DSM)
  • Go to the Start menu and search for the DSM Installer & Uninstaller from the list of all programs.
  • Under the tab "Available software", you will find programs that have not yet been installed.
  • Select one or more programs and click on "Install".
  • Afterwards you have to click on the symbol with the shopping cart and confirm with OK in the opening window.

Note: You can monitor the installation progress under the "Status" tab.

Define standard program, e.g. for mail, browser, graphics and photos,...

To define or change your default programs:

  • Go to the start menu and click on the icon with the gear (settings).
  • Select "Apps" and on the left tab "Standard Apps" - there you can define your standard programs under the respective categories.
Lesezeichen Importieren

Instructions on how to transfer your bookmarks from a Windows7 browser to a Windows10 browser can be found here:PDF 

Hints / Questions

If you work with Outlook

After the first start of Outlook, Outlook needs time to download all data from the server (Zimbra) again - depending on the amount of data in your mailbox, this can take up to several hours. During this time, you can use the so-called web interface at

Why can't I install Adobe Acrobat Pro?

The pdf-editing program Adobe Acrobat is a software subject to license fees and must be activated.

If you have already used Acrobat on Windows 7, you can continue to use this license on Windows 10. If your computer has retained the name, you should be able to install Acrobat via DSM no later than two hours after reinstalling the computer (background: Automatisms). If your computer has a new name (ask group administrator if necessary), your license must be re-registered. Please contact the UCO (, Tel. 5005).

Wenn Sie Anwendungsdaten vermissen

So-called application data was stored in H:\Application Data under Windows 7 - somewhat simplified. This is no longer the case under Windows 10. This data is stored under H:\AppData.

This results in applications not being able to find application-specific data such as Word dictionaries, Firefox profiles or browser bookmarks. However, this data is still available and can still be used. How this works is described elsewhere (to be done).