Win10: News

This page is intended to provide news about Windows 10 throughout its lifetime. Since Windows 10 is updated every six months, the most important changes and new possibilities associated with this will be documented here.

30.10.2018 - 1809 update is delayed
2018-02-06 - Status Roll-Out

6.2.18 / (mg)

There are currently two aspects which are still in progress and which stand against of major roll-outs:

  1. The WDS-based operating system setup is not stable in too many cases for unknown reasons; there are manual workarounds, but when setting up many computers, this procedure is unsatisfactory, as well as the language selection in the setup process.
  2. With regard to the installation of printer drivers without admin rights, there is now light on the horizon, but the developed, functioning procedure still has to be implemented to production readiness. ( Update 23.3.2018: The drivers are pre-installed in the current W10 image)

In this respect, and taking into account the still unclear patch situation with regard to the chip security gaps, the recommendation regarding the roll-out of Win10:

  • a) to continue or intensify testing, especially with end users and in group-specific environments, but
  • b) to wait with larger roll-outs until the above aspects have been resolved (in perspective: March/April).

In view of this time scale, it is also worth considering waiting until the next Windows version 1803, which will probably be available DESY-wide in May.


2017-11-xx - Version 1709 available

Version 1709 has been available since November 2017.