Automatic handling of mails

Creation of own mail-filter

To filter mails automatically we recommend to configure this filter in your Zimbra Web-Client. In order to do this you need to go to your preferences and filter.
A visual description and help to create these mail-filter can be found in the official Zimbra support section.

Preface to create an own spam-filter

Suspicious e-mails can be handled automatically. It is possible to configure your mail client that all marked mails are automatically moved to a predefined folder, like 'SPAM'. They won't appear in your inbox and all mails which were affected by this filter can - after you have verified that they are really unwanted spam - be deleted afterwards. Though it is possible to directly delete mails with a specific spam tag we explicitly do not recommend it! It cannot be ruled out that relevant e-mails are tagged as spam by mistake and if they were deleted automatically they wont appear at all in your mail client.

If you want to create such a filter you need to configure it in your mail client with following parameters in the mail-header:

X-Spam-TaggedAsSpamByDesy: YES

Spam mails are rated with points, depending in how many spam-characteriscas are found. Five points have to be reached to get a automatic [SPAM] tag. All points above five i ncrease the possibility that it is a real spam mail.

We also explicitly recommend: Do not filter your mails on basis of this [SPAM] prefix in the subject, because all regular mails which contain this tag, like mails from our IT service other other forwards, will be affected as well from this filter. Instead you should set the filter to scan the mail-header like above.

This manual shows how you can configure your mailfilter in our Zimbra Web-Client, in order to automatically move spam mails, which were marked from our central DESY spamfilter as spam, to a specific folder.
All illustrations were made with our Zimbra Web-Client (Version 8.6.0_GA_1169 [build 20150427101849]) in connection with Firefox 38.0.

How to set up an own spam-filter

Please go to our Zimbra Web-Client and log in with our account.
Now you need to create a new folder. This can be made if you click on the upper left part of the window on the arrow beside 'New Message'. Choose 'Folder' in the dropdown menue to create a new folder (s. img. 1). Now a new window will appear where you need to insert the name of the spamfolder which you want to create. (s. img. 2).

Dropdown to create a new folder

Naming the new spam folder

Next we need to create the filter that will forward our mails to the created folder.

1. We select the "Preferences" tab and click on "Filters"
2. Create a new filter with "Create Filter"
3. Now you should see a window similar to the one shown below this text section
4. Name the filter under "Filter Name" and enter "X-desy-gw-Envelope-From" for the header
5. Next, select Contains and paste the domain to be highlighted
6. Under "Perform the following actions:" in the selection box click on "Move to folder" and select the folder we want to move the spam to

Flter settings for an automated filter for spam

Procedure for configuring your own spam filter for tagging mails from external sources

What exactly are external mails? Mails from external, are mails that reach us from mail servers that are not from Desy servers. Our domains include:


Domains that are not hosted by us are for example "".

What is a Mail Tag? With a mail tag you can mark your mails. If you have tagged your mails with an "external" tag, you can search for them and all corresponding mails will be displayed.

How do I create these filters for tags? To create a filter that tags external mails, we need to consider the following points:

1. We select the "Preferences" tab
2. Now we see the areas in our settings. Please select "Filter" here
3. Click on "Create Filter"
4. Now you should see a window similar to the picture below this text section
5. Name the filter here "Filter Name", select "Header Named" instead of "Subject" and enter


6. Next, select "exists" 
7. Remove the checkmark for "Do not process additional filters" and select the action "Tag with" instead of "keep in Inbox"
8. Now click on "Browse..." and create a new tag with the name "External"
9. Important! After the filter is created, the filter should be at the top of the list of active filters



Filter settings for an automated filter for tagging external mails