A mail was blocked - what can I do?

If an e-mail to you has been marked as potentially harmful and blocked from our filtersystem you will be notified by e-mail. Now you have to possibility to request a release of that specific e-mail. In order to do that just click on the appropriate link in the notification mail. This link will generate a new e-mail which you need to send without making any changes to it. If the link fails for some reason you may also reply to the notification mail without changing the subject and put release@desy.de into CC.
This release will be possible for 90 days. If you don't request it within this timeframe the mail will be deleted irrecoverable.

Besides you, the DESY mailmaster team will be notified as well, whenever any e-mail gets blocked. The external sender, however will not be notified.

Beside all incoming mails, all mails sent from DESY will also be scanned before they are actually delivered.
If an e-mail has been blocked in this case you, as the author, (as well as the DESY mailmaster team) will be notified by e-mail. The recipient will not be notified about it.

Alternative methods to share and receive files

Due to possibly occuring problems and certain security risks while sending attachments via mails we recommend to share files, especially big ones, with our FTP server or with our DESY cloud.
These can be configured according your needs. You can upload files in order to share with others, like colleagues at DESY or non-DESY colleagues, and vice versa.