DESY E-Mail Quarantine System

A new Virus-scanning system based on open source components is about to replace the comercial solution (MIMESweeper) currently in use at DESY.

On the user's side there won't be significant changes. Besides the changes in the notification text sent by the new quarantine system, a notification will be sent for every blocked mail - including mails with viruses - in order to adhere to the policies of the D4 department.

The process of releasing mails is the same as before and can be looked up in our documentation. This process is also described in the notification mails sent by the quarantine system.

The following table shows who will get a notification in case a mail has been blocked. More details and a graphical representation can be found in the following documentation.

E-Mail notification

blocked E-Mails

to internal

to external

from internal

internal sender gets notified

internal sender gets notified

from external

internal recipient(s) gets notified