Filtering Spam in your e-mail program

See the UCO documentation

E-Mails erroneously marked as SPAM?

If you use a mail server at DESY Hamburg

  1. Use your e-mail program to create a mail folder called Ham
    If you use the DESY Exchange Mail Server with Outlook, please create the folder Ham in your Inbox The other centrally supported e-mail programs will create a new folder in the right place by default.
  2. Copy the e-mail in question to that folder Ham as you received it: including the spam notification prefix.
  3. Send an e-mail to to tell us the location of your Ham so that we can extract the data. We will inform you when you can delete the data.

If you use a mail server at DESY Zeuthen

  1. If the mail was mis-classified by a computer named spamfilter? (which is then mentioned in the classification prefix), please contact
  2. otherwise contact UCO Zeuthen: