Informationen Namespace Supervisor

Information on Registry and RAS-VPN Form Handling for Namespace Supervisors

As of 1.12.2017 UCO will digitize the paper filing of the Registry forms and the process will be changed as follows:

1. The signature of the Namespace Supervisor (NSV) is not necessary, if the account has been set up in the Registry by the NSV. According to D4 the NSV has given proof of his identity to UCO because he completed a training, got access to the system and signed the form 'Appointment of a Namespace Supervisor - NSV'.

2. The user of a new established primary account must sign the form because herewith he agrees to the 'Conditions of Use for Information Processing Systems at DESY'

3. The signature of the Namespace Supervisor (NSV) for RAS-VPN is not necessary, if the resource has been added by the NSV in the Registry (checked by UCO in Object History)

4. The form with the user's signature should kindly be scanned by the NSV and be emailed to ***** *****(=UCO). It would be helpful for UCO, if the subject of the email would contain the following the following user information: lastname_firstname, Registry Form (rsp. RAS_VPN form). If it is not possible to scan the forms, they can be sent by Hauspost to UCO as usual and UCO will scan the document.

5. It will be verified by UCO whether the required Registration form has been submitted.

6. In case that ***** ***** (=UCO) has not received the form within 5 working days after the user changed his password in the Registry, a reminder with a deadline of 3 days will be sent to the NSV. If this deadline has not been met, a second reminder will be sent to all NSV of the group with a new deadline of 2 days. If UCO has then still not received the form the user account will be disabled. (These deadlines also apply for the RAS-VPN forms).

7. For Registry forms that were filled in manually, the signature of the user and the signature of the Namespace Supervisor are mandatory.

8. Sign off/ User account: In any case UCO needs the SIGN OFf form with the signature of the user to ensure that the user confirms and takes note of the following:
"All personal data of the user accounts and e-mail accounts are deleted, so that the access in accordance with the D4-regulations is possible".

If the expiry date of the account is set to more than four weeks after the user has left DESY, in addition, the signature of the NSV is required to ensure that the prolongation of the account is for working purposes only.

Note: The SCAN regulation (s. 3.) does ___NOT___ apply for GRID forms, System Registration forms and Linux Desktop Conversion Forms.