Printjob control

  • Choose the printer dialogue in your application, the predefined printer settings should match the printertype, but you can change them if you feel like it is necessary...
  • After the printing dialogue is closed a small icon appears in the right hand side of the taskbar (down right corner of the screen):
  • By doubleclicking the icon the queue window of the active printer appears:
  • If you don't see your job in the queue window choose 'aktualisieren' from the menu item 'ansicht' which will refresh the queue window.

You should now be able to see your job in the queue...

  • To remove a job, click on the apropriate entry in the queue window (the line should now be highlightened), choose 'abbrechen' from the menu item 'dokument'.

After refreshing the queue window the job should be gone, sometimes this works only on the second try, seems to be a bug in the software.