Autoreply - automatic out-of-office response

It is possible to set up a automatic out-of-office reply on our mailserver, which is able to respond to internal and external mailaddresses. While active all incoming mails will automatically get a predefined reply which can contain additional information about your absence.

DESY IT explicitly does not recommend the use of such a autorespondender because it can possibly lead to undesireable effects and other problems.
One of those negative effects can be an increaded volume of spam due to your automatic reply to the author. Thse will signal that your mailaddress is 'active' and more valuable for spammails. In addition there is a risk that scouts with criminal intentions like burglary can be informed about your vacation and absence in connection with its duration. These information in relation with other personal data can be abused in order to set you in focus for criminal actions.

If you still want to use this function you can use the Out-of-Office Assistant in Outlook or in the Zimbra Web-Client :
Log in to the web-client and navigate to 'Preferences' -> 'Out of Office'. There you can find the assistant to setup your out-of-office reply. If you want to set it up in Outlook to can find the assistant if you go to the 'Zimbra' tab and click on 'Out of Office Assistant'.
In both assistants you can set up different replies for incoming internal mails which were send from a mailaddress and for external mailaddresses, e.g. Furthermore it is also possible to set an exact timeframe for the duration of your automatic out-of-office response.