Every person who has an account at DESY Hamburg or Zeuthen gets an electronic mailbox on the central mail system at DESY ( The name pattern of those inboxes look like this:


To apply for a user account at DESY, please refer to one of your namespace supervisors responsible for your group. You may find a list of the responsible persons on the following web site:

Alternatively, the UCO (Ext: 5005, Mail: can provide information on which persons are responsible for your group.

Your unique Email Address (UEM)

Every user gets a unique e-mail address (UEM) if an account is created. It usually consists of his first- and surname and follows the following pattern:
Example: Mr. Eric Smith has the UEM

Please always use the UEM as your primary mailaddress for your mail correspondence!


Your physical Email Address (PEM)

The so called physical e-mail address (PEM) is the destination address where all mails, which are adressed to your UEM, are redirected to. It is the name of your inbox on our mailserver. Your PEM is consists of the name of our mailserver and your DESY accountname. It usually follows this pattern:
Beispiel: If Mr. Eric Smith has the accountname esmith his PEM would look like this:

Do not use this address as a mailaddress for your mail correspondence!
Only use the UEM, consisting out of your first- and surname.


Your electronic Mailbox

Mail systems like usually administrate plenty of user accounts and associated inboxes. These inboxes contain the complete incoming and outgoing mail correspondeces of every user account which is located on this system, if these are not actively deleted, redirected to a different mail system or have been downloaded and saved locally on any machine.

Access your Mails and Calendars

For instructions on how to access your email and calendar at, please see the following web page: