Mailfowards provide the possibility to automatically redirect or forward mails which are directly send to your mailaddress to a configureable different mailaddress.

Regular Behaviour

Usually it is not necessary to set up a mailforward.
If you use your regular DESY mailaddress in connection with your account all mails will be centrally received, saved and redirected to your inbox on our mailserver

With every regular mailclient you are able to connect to this server and access your mails.

Exemplar process for mailreception:
All mails which are send to your unique e-mail address (UEM) - - are automatically forwarded to your inbox on our mailserver. This destination address is defined by your physical e-mail address (PEM) - Over here all mails are saved.

  • Your PEM can be seen and modified in our DESY Registry. More details in the next section
  • Automatic forwards which are set to internal or external mailaddresses need to be set in the Zimbra Web-Client.

Forwarding, multiple accounts and sending copies to additional e-mail addresses


There is a possibility to configure an automatic forward for your mails, temporarily or permanent. These are e.g. necessary if you are leaving DESY and still want to receive mails which are send to your mailaddress. Or if you dont use your DESY mailadress as a primary address and dont read your mailbox regularly.

  • Temporary Forward
    To set up a temporary forward for your mailaccount please log in to our Zimbra Web-Client and navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Mail'. Here you can set an individual forward for your DESY mailaddress. You also need to decide whether you want to keep a copy of your mails in your inbox if they are forwarded automatically or not. Depending on what you want please check the option to keep a copy.
    With the expiration of your account this forward will also expire!
  • Permanent Forward
    If you want to set up a permanent forwards you need to modify the PEM (physical e-mail address), the final destination address your mails are directed to. The modification can be made if you log in to our DESY Registry and navigate to 'Persons' -> 'Modify Person'. There you need to insert your desired e-mail address in the entry field 'Physical e-mail address' where all your mails, which are addressed to you, are redirected to. Please be aware: If you modify this PEM (physica e-mail address) no mails will arrive and be saved on our DESY mailserver. In case of loss we do not have any possibility to recover any mail.
    This kind of forward will be permanent, even if you account expires.
    Please notice that the DESY Registry is only accessible from the DESY internal network.

In general we need to mention that automatic forwards to private mailhoster, like e.g. Google, have to be seen critically in aspects of privacy protection. It can also may violate against our Conditions of Use at DESY.

One inbox with multiple accounts

If you use a functional account and want to receive mails adressed to this account in your primary accounts inbox you can set up a suitable forward.

Log in with your functional account to our Zimbra Web-Client and navigate to 'Preferences' -> 'Mail'. There you can add your desired additional receiving address, e.g., in the entry field 'Forwards a copy to:'. If you want to keep a copy of all mails which the functional account receives please do not check 'Don't keep a local copy of messages'.

Configuration of a mailforward

Copy to additional e-mail addresses

If you want to forward mails to one different mail address, e.g. your secretary, you can copy the previous proceeding. Multiple mail adresses can be entered comma-separated.