Group calendar and folder

In Zimbra it is possible to use group calendars and folders, to administrate and manage them a functional account is created. The account also has its own mailbox and is assigned to the mailmaster team.

The account name follows the scheme "zsfnsXXX" and needs to be created and managed at by the appropriate namespace administrators.The e-mail address is like

Creating, Sharing and all other modifications of the shares have to be done via the Zimbra webclient

Login with the zsfnsXXX Account and password. You will find all folders,contacts and clendars owned by this account.

NOTE: you may delegate the administration to the current namespace administrators by granting the management right to

Setting up shared folders/calendars

If you want to set up a new shared folder or shared calendar, proceed as follows:

For example, create a new calendar. -> Calendar tab -> drop down menu -> Calendar -> Name calendar -> OK.

You will now find it under your calendars. Right click on the calendar -> Share calendar.

Give individual users access/rights

You can now assign different rights to individual users. Simply select the appropriate e-mail address and assign the desired rights.

Grant access/rights to groups

In order to authorize groups for sharing, an e-mail address is already stored in the registry for this purpose (see *->), which you can assign the desired rights to.

*-> (<group name> is here the ALIAS of the group from the registry)

Note: The groups are not automatically made visible in Zimbra, but can still be used via their specific address.