Connect Zimbra email account to Outlook

1. First click in the search field in the Windows menu bar.



2. Enter "Control" and click on the search result.


3. The Control Panel opens. Press "Benutzerkonten/User Accounts".
It may be that you have to adjust your display settings for this step. To do so, select "Ansicht/View" by: "Kategorie/Category" in the upper right corner.



4. You get to the User Accounts settings. Select "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)".



5. The Outlook Mail Setup window pops up. Press "E-Mail Accounts…" to create a new e-mail account.



6. Another window regarding your Account Settings should open. In the sub-section "E-mail", press "New…". This starts the Account Setup wizard.



7. By default, the wizard starts the Auto Account Setup. Please change this by selecting "Servereinstellungen oder zusätzliche Servertypen manuell konfigurieren / Manually configure server settings or additional server types". Press "Weiter / Next".



8. Under "Dienst auswählen / Choose Service", please select "Andere / Other" and set the server type to "Zimbra Collaboration Server". Click "Weiter / Next".



9. A new window with the Zimbra Server Configuration Settings opens. Type in your Email Address and Password please.
Note: Often your DESY user name will already be filled into the field in which your Email Address should go. If so, please change your user name to your Zimbra mail address.
Confirm your changes by pressing OK.



10. A window pops up saying the changes made will only take effect once you restart Outlook. Press OK.


11. You have now completed the setup. Close the wizard by clicking "Fertigstellen / Finish".


12. Close Outlook and restart Outlook You will find your Zimbra e-mail folders in Outlook in the navigation bar on the left.