Create a new Outlook profile

For some troubles related to Outlook, it may be necessary to recreate the Outlook profile to solve persistent problems. In the Outlook profile, data is kept on your computer for quick access to your e-mails, calendars and other objects. This includes, for example, the so-called metadata of correspondences such as subject lines, sender addresses, recipient addresses, timestamps and others. Likewise, information about the view settings you have made in Outlook is stored in the Outlook profile. For example, how e-mails are sorted, where the reading pane is located and others. These settings have to be made again after deleting the Outlook profile if necessary.

However, before you create a new Outlook profile, please check whether simpler measures may already lead to a solution. Therefore, first carry out the measures outlined on the following web page before you recreate your Outlook profile:

Only if nothing else helps, the Outlook profile should be recreated! If you have to create a new profile, please note that the naming of the profile as "CreateZimbraProfile.exe" or "Zimbra" is mandatory in order not to be left out of centrally controlled changes that have to be carried out by DESY-IT.


1. First click in the search field in the Windows menu bar.



2. Enter "Control Panel" and click on the search result.


3. The Control Panel opens. Press "User Accounts".It may be that you have to adjust your display settings for this step. To do so, select "View/Anzeige by: Category/Kategorie" in the upper right corner.



4. You get to the User Accounts settings. Select "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)".



5. The Outlook Mail Setup window pops up. Press "E-Mail Accounts…" to create a new e-mail account.



6. Now click on "Add/Hinzufügen".



7. Enter either "Zimbra" or "CreateZimbraProfile.exe" as profile name in the new window. This naming is mandatory in order not to be left out in case of centrally controlled changes that have to be carried out by DESY-IT. Then click on OK.



8. By default, the wizard starts the Auto Account Setup. Please change this by selecting "Manually configure server settings or additional server types/Servereinstellungen oder zusätzliche Servertypen manuell konfigurieren". Press "Next".



9. Under "Choose Service/Dienst auswählen", please select "Other/Andere" and set the server type to "Zimbra Collaboration Server". Click "Next ".



10. A window for Zimbra Server settings opens. In the field "E-mail address" please enter your DESY e-mail address (if your account name is already entered in the field, please remove it). In the field "Password" enter your DESY e-mail password. Confirm by clicking on OK.



11. A new window will appear to inform you that Outlook has to be restarted in order to accept any changes. Click on OK.


12. You have now completed the setup. Close the wizard by clicking "Finish".


13. To start Outlook with the created profile, select the profile in the opened profile overview and confirm it under "Confirm this profile when starting Microsoft Outlook/Beim Start von Microsoft Outlook dieses Profil bestätigen". There you can choose whether you want to ...

  • always start Outlook with the new profile, then select the desired profile in the dropdown menu under "Always use this profile/Immer dieses Profil verwenden" or
  • if you want to select the profile to be used every time you start Outlook, then select "Confirm profile to be used/Zu verwendendes Profil bestätigen".

Click on "Apply/Übernehmen" and then on "OK".



14. Close Outlook and restart Outlook You can now use the new profile.