Create Rules with Outlook Connector

First of all, there are two types of rules:

A.) server based rules, that means the rules are defined on the server and B.) local rules, these rules are only defined within your local mail client. The server based rules will be migrated to your mail client, but you should check again (prefereably with the Webmail interface). Your local rules will not changed, because they are just local. 

If you have got any problems with rules, we recommend to create new rules with the Zimbra Web client. To do this, click the button "Settings" --> "Filters". Here you can create rules (filters) for your incomming and outgoing e-mails.

With Outlook you can create your rules with the Tab Zimbra > Zimbra server rules.

Note! Do not create any rules via Start --> Rules-- > Create rules
and not via Date --> Information --> Rules and notifications
If you create any rules in this way, they won't be uploaded on the server and will not work correctly.