Search E-Mails

Using the Zimbra-Web-Interface you can seach for emails on all folders using the keyword "is:anywhere" (see Pic. 1)

In order to show the folders where emails are stored within your search results you need to activate the appropriate field in the search bar (see Pic. 2)

It may be helpful to change the display mode to "View -> By Message" to see individual emails within the search results (see Pic. 3).

An example of a search containing the folders where emails are stored can bee seen on Pic. 4.

When searching one should consider that the * wildcard can only be used at the end of the search string. The following examples demonstrate the usage of the search field:


Search field: is:anywhere subject:"DESY Quarantine"   -> OK

Search field: is:anywhere subject:"DESY Quar*"   -> OK


Search field: is:anywhere subject:"DESY *antine"   -> NOT OK

Search field: is:anywhere subject:"D* Quarantine"   -> NOT OK


If necessary one can also use additional keywords to further restrict the search results (see PDF document ZimbraSearchKeywordsCheatSheet.pdf).

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

application/pdf ZimbraSearchKeywordsCheatSheet.pdf (56KB)