Sending with a different e-mail address

For certain purposes it is possible to send e-mails with a different e-mail address.

In order to be able to send from the Zimbra Webclient with another address, the delegation right "Send as" must first be granted by the desired address.

To do this, go to Settings -> Accounts -> Delegates with the desired e-mail address in the web client (see screenshot).

Please follow the steps below if you want to configure Zimbra webclient and have more than one email address.

In case you have an X.509 certificate for signing e-mails, please ensure that you use it only for the intended address. With the wrong address, a signed e-mail is seen as invalid by the recipient.

  • open Zimbra
  • choose the Preferences tab
  • select the "Account" section on the left hand side and
  • choose "Add Persona"
  • choose an appropriate name, so you know later on which address is meant
  • select the wanted e-mail address from the drop down box
  • type in the name the recipient will see as "From:" Name
  • check your selections
  • press the "Save" button in the upper left corner
  • when writing a new mail select the e-mail address the mail will be sent from using the drop-down-box for the "From" field
  • now the selected e-mail address will be used for this e-mail