This web site describes, how you configure Thunderbird to be able to send and receive mails using your DESY account.



Note: The following instructions were created using Thunderbird 78 on Windows 10

 Configuration for receiving Mails

 The following information is necessary for receiving e-mails using Thunderbird (so-called inbox server):

  • Servername:
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL/TLS
  • Authentication: Password, normal
  • Accountname: Your Accountname

 The following information is necessary for sending e-mails using Thunderbird (so-called outbox server):

  • Servername: smtp-auth.desy
  • Port: 587
  • Encryption: STARTTLS
  • Authentication: Password, normal
  • Accountname: Your Accountname

The following steps will guide you through the configuration of your mailbox. Please be aware that the layout of the configuration can be different, depending if it is a first-time configuration of your account or if you modify an existing configurtaion, which you used before. (All Screenshots were created with version 78.11.0)

  1. Start Tunderbird and click on "„Create new account: Email“.
  2. In the following window please choose “Skip this and use my existing email”.
  3. The first-time configuration window should appear now. Insert the necessary server informations to connect to the mail system.


Ansicht bei der Erstkonfiguration des Thunderbird

To modify an existing configuration please navigate in the upper menubar to 'Edit' -> 'Properties' (Alternatively: Right-click on your mailaccount and choose 'Settings'). Now you need to navigate to 'Server Settings' and insert the necessary serverinformation.

Ansicht bei der Anpassung eine bestehenden Konfiguration

With this configuration you should be able to receive mails with Thunderbird. In the following section we will show you the configuration how to send mails with Thunderbird.

Configure Addressbook (LDAP)

During the next step you can modify the Thunderbird address directory configuration in order to get access to the DESY address book (LDAP) (though just with limited functions compared to Outlook). Please navigate to your account settings and choose in the left menubar 'Composition & Addressing'. Select 'Use a different LDAP Server' and insert following configuration data.

Currently the address directory is used only during composing an e-mail while typing in an address. The separate addressbook functionality is currently not available due to a technical restriction.

NB: Please note that the LDAP server is only accessible from the internal network and can therefore only be used on the road on workstations with a VPN connection.

Manual LDAP server  selection

If there is no DESY server yet, please add it manually.

Name: DESY
Base-DN: ou=People,o=DESY,c=DE
Port: 389
Bind-DN: -keep empty-
Don't check 'Use secure connection (SSL)

LDAP Configuration

Now you are able to access the global DESY adresslist with Thunderbird and send mails directly to other DESY employees from your thunderbird adressbook.

Thunderbird Lightning

Please Note that Thunderbird Lightning which is used to access calendars, is not supported by DESY as tests have shown various errors and problems in handling calendar items. More information can be found at: