SSH Clients

Windows 10, macOS and Linux come with SSH clients by default.

Their usage is described here. Usually, these clients suffice most use cases.


Direct access to bastion via the command line is also available from different clients offering more support or features, or working on mobile operating systems. The following list is only a selection of available clients:

  • Windows: PUTTY offers a client with graphical, menu based configuration and usage. The software can also be  downloaded directly and stared if an installation is not possible or wanted.
  • Linux/Mac: Offer by default a SSH client.
  • Android: ConnectBot is available for free. The GooglePlay store offers further clients.
  • iPad / iPhone: Termius is availabe for free in a basic version. The AppStore offers further clients.
  • Android: ConnectBot is available for free. The GooglePlay store offers further clients.
  • Web Client: Only for the case that you don't have a chance to use a local client we offer this service. Be aware that the terminal emulation is limited, so special character support, esc sequenzes and menu driven software may not work as expected. on the link will open a new browser window)
  • Mosh: As an alternative you can use mosh.