At DESY, it may happen that special devices such as oscilloscopes have to be operated that do not receive operating system updates due to various factors. In order to nevertheless maintain a suitable security level, such devices are operated in a secured network area (aka IT scope network).

In order to connect remotely to devices in this secured network, a portal computer is required that can act as an intermediary between normal office computers in the internal DESY network and devices in the secured network. IT offers such a portal computer, you can reach it via the name

On this website you will find more information about this service.

Which ports are enabled to the IT scope network?

  • 80 / 443 (HTTP(S))
  • 3389 (RDP)

Port 22 (SSH) is not enabled for security reasons.

Who is allowed to use the Portal Computer?

Every person with a DESY account is authorized to use the portal computer.

How to integrate a device into the IT scope network?

Should it be necessary to have a device integrated into the secured IT-Scope network, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Computername
  • MAC Address
  • Current IP Address (if applicable)
  • Hardware (Hersteller / Modell)
  • Operating System + Operating System Version
  • Reason why the device can not be
  • Reason why the device can no longer be kept on a secure level

How do I use the portal computer?

To use the portal computer, please follow the corresponding instructions on the following web page and replace the portal computer with the IT-Scope portal computer within the mentioned commands.