Mobile phones

General information

At DESY there are currently about 850 DESY mobile phones. Due to the expansion of the mobile network to areas such as experimental halls or tunnels the use of GSM is possible.

Due to the embedding of the mobile phones into the DESY TK-VPN system there is a convenient connection between the landline and the mobile phone. You can reach a DESY mobile phone from a DESY phone extension via “9-nnnn” (“nnnn” stands for the phone extension of the DESY colleague). Vice versa, you can reach from the mobile phone the DESY phone extension via “66-nnnn” and other DESY mobile phones via “669-nnnn”. Last but not least, you can switch on a call forwarding from the extension phone to the mobile via “*19-nnnn”.

Mobile Contracts and Options

The subject „Mobile Contracts and Options as well as all matters related to this topic will be handled by the V1 group. This includes e. g. new contracts, booking of tariff options and advice on questions related to current mobile tariffs. Detailed information on this can be found on the V1 webpages at -> DESY USER -> Verwaltung -> Organisation und allgemeine Dienstleistungen (V1) (only German) or you could send an email with your request to .

DESY Standard Mobile Phone

The support of all types of mobile phones and operating systems that are available on the market is particularly demanding in terms of workload for DESY. Therefore, the IT support is limited to those devices and operating systems mentioned below. Basically, these mobile phones meet the safety requirements of the RSR (IT Security Committee), so that they can be used within the DESY Intranet. However, the user has to ensure that the operating system and installed apps receive the required security updates.

Please note, that the list of DESY standard mobile phones will only be updated in irregular intervals, because we want to offer mobile phones which at any time

  1. can be used in quick and untroubled channels.
  2. have the latest operating systems and can be provided with security updates.
  3. allow a quick and uncomplicated procurement of spare parts and accessories.

The table below lists the standard mobile phones which are currently available at DESY.

Device Type Features AMS item¹ approx. price²
Nokia 3310 - simple cellphone
- telephony, SMS
NOK 3310 / Mobiltelefon (einfach) ca. 45,-
Samsung Galaxy A50 (2019)

- telephony, SMS, e-mail
- display size: 6,4" (16,21 cm)
- display resolution: 2340x1080Pixel(FHD+)
- multiple camera: 25 + 5 + 8 MP with flash
- Memory: 4 GB RAM
- Storage: 128GB
- Dual Sim

Galaxy A50 / Mobiltelefon (Android) ca. 240,--
Samsung Galaxy S10
- telephony, SMS, e-mail
- WLAN, ANT+, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, LTE
- display size: 6,1" (15,5 cm)
- display resolution:  3040 x 1440 (Quad HD+)
- multiple camera: 12,0 MP + 16 MP + 12 MP with flash
- Memory: 8 GB RAM
- Storage: 128GB
- Dual Sim
Galaxy S10 / Mobiltelefon (Android) ca. 545,--

iPhone 11
128 GB

- telephony, SMS, e-mail
- display size: 6,1" (15,5 cm)
- display resolution:1792 x 828 Pixel(326 ppi)
- main camera doubly: 12,0 MP with flash
- VoLTE capable
- Wireless charging
- IP68 water and dust protection category
- Dual Sim: Nano / eSim

Mobiltelefon (iPhone) ca. 685,--
Dual Sim For official use only!    


1) The column ‘AMS item’ shows which position from the category 'Sonderbeschaffung' (special procurement) must be used in the AMS for the relevant device.
2) The costs listed in our overview won’t be updated continually. Therefore, the price might slightly differ from the final price.

Costs and Procurement

The mobile phones can be purchased via the AMS system (Asset Management System | You will find the following four items in the AMS under the section ‘Telefone’

  1. 'NOK 3310 / Mobiltelefon (einfach)'
  2. 'Galaxy S10 / Mobiltelefon (Android)'
  3. 'Galaxy A50 / Mobiltelefon (Android)'
  4. 'iPhone 11 / Mobiltelefon (iPhone)'

All items - except of the first one - require a financial approval of the head of division (Bereichsreferent) in the authorization process.

If a non-DESY-standard mobile phone is needed for DESY-work, section Special procurement item 'Mobiltelefon (Sonderbeschaffung)' must be selected. In contrast to all other four items, in this case the Rechnerkomitee will also have to deal with the technical aspects of the request.

For this, the following specifications are required, in additon:

  1. Mobile phone brand including EAN (European Article Number). This number identifies the device clearly and can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website. The EAN e. g. is very useful, if a device is offered by various companies under different names.
  2. A statement of reasons explaining the need to derogate from the DESY-Standard must be given.
  3. In case the delivered device doesn’t have the latest version of the operating system, a link (source) must be specified, stating that the Smartphone will receive an upgrade or security updates, regularly and in the near future.
  4. This is, because new smartphones must be provided with security updates for an appropriate period of time. 

Guarantee, Repairs and Loan Service

If your device has to be repaired or you need a loaned device, please refer to the UCO. Further information can be found on the following web site:

Users of non standard devices have to care for operation, maintenance as well as repairs for themselves. Repairs of these devices can not be handled by IT.

If anything should be unclear or in case you have questions, the UCO (User Consulting Office) will provide support by email to