Additional Information on IT Environment for Summer Students


Welcome to DESY - IT  (Information Technology)

For the next weeks, you will have the opportunity to study and develop your projects within a highly professional scientific and computing environment at the DESY campus. In return, DESY expects the summer students to  treat the environment with respect.

Related to the computing facilities the following rules have to be obeyed:

  • All DESY account users must comply with DESY's Conditions of Use (pdf, 37KB).
  • You are fully responsible for your account/password and for the security of all devices including programs and software you work with or which you are going to develop. Make sure that the operating system and software on your computer is always up-to-date.
  • User of the mail service at DESY must not send SPAM or´advertising-mails, chain letters or offensive/ insulting e-mails.
  • If software is needed, please use the software centrally provided by DESY via NetInstall (on DESY Windows machines) or on our software website. If you can’t find the program you need, ask one of your administrators about alternatives or contact Do not download programs from the Internet, as that software might come with license costs or may violate copyrights of third parties.
  • Unless you cannot prove that you are the owner of the digital data, sharing videos, music or software packages via torrents or other means is not allowed because these actions usually violate copyrights of third parties.
  • Of course, you must not browse or post any websites/data that contain illegal, violent, pornographic or racist contents or which would infringe the rights of others.

A flyer and an overview of IT services can be found on the following webpages/documents:

In case you have computer problems and need assistance,  please contact one of your administrators or write an email with a detailed description of the error to