Partial Malfunction of the Print Service

This web page contains some technical details and information about the current disruption (19.11.2021) of printing from the guest network. The information is primarily intended for group admins and technically interested users.


The use of guest printing at DESY from external Windows clients is currently very limited. The reason is a faulty Windows update from October / November from Microsoft that was installed on the clients.

This update leads to the fact that the creation of printers, which are offered via the DESY Guest Print Server (guestprint10), is not possible and is acknowledged with a corresponding error message.

Microsoft is working on an update that should possibly solve this problem. It can be assumed that this update will probably not be released until the patchday in December 2021.

Affected Windows-Versions

All current Windows operating systems are affected by this problem. That is: Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Possible Workarounds

The following workarounds may possibly bypass the problem. Since the affected devices are not devices administered by DESY, the technical workarounds are carried out at the user's own responsibility and should only be applied in the case of work devices of other institutes after consultation with the IT department of the respective partner institutes.

Workaround 1

Check possible alternatives.

  • If necessary, contact your group administrator to clarify which alternatives to printing via guest network are possible and useful in your situation.
  • For a temporary need of maximum six weeks, DESY can loan a notebook is possible at the DESY IT helpdesk (Tel: 5005, E-Mail: However, a DESY account is required for this.
  • If the printing service only needs to be used once, a public terminal computer is available at the central IT helpdesk in building 2b from which the printers in the public area can be accessed.

Workaround 2

Update a registry key on the affected device as follows. If necessary, you can download the linked registry key files and execute it accordingly. A manual entry of the keys is not necessary with this step.

Please note that changing registry entries is done at your own responsibility!




For more information, please refer to the following website:

Workaround 3

Uninstall the problematic Windows updates. Among others, the Windows update KB5006670 is responsible for the behavior. Uninstalling this and other updates should only be done if all other options do not help and printing via guest network is essential for daily activities.

It is urgent to note that this action reopens vulnerabilities that were closed with the Windows updates in question.


If you need advice, please contact your responsible group admins or the central IT helpdesk (Tel: 5005, e-mail: Please note, however, that DESY-IT can only provide very limited support for non-DESY devices.

Sources and further information