Roles and rights


Editors must log in to edit their web site. Subscribers also have to log in to internal parts of the web site for reading access.

The authentication of the Content Management System is linked to the central DESY user registry. This means that it's first of all necessary to have a registry account before you are able to log in. There are many possibilities:
Single individuals: The rights are given to people that already have an account at DESY. If the person doesn't work at DESY or doesn't have an account, we can register a service account for him/her.
Groups: The rights may be given to registry groups. Every member of the group can log in with his/her own personal account.
An account for a group of people: we also offer the possiblity of registering a service account for a group of people.

Interner Bereich

If a folder is password protected, a lock appears on the left navigation.

The different rights:
Admin: This is the Web-Office :-)
Editor: People that have the rights to write in the web site. We can grant writing rights for the whole web site or for a part of the web site for instance a folder or a document.
Subscriber: People that have the rights to read the internal part of a web site.

The read and write rights can be accorded for the whole web site or for parts of the web site.

Please inform the Web-Office:
- who is going to edit the web site or parts of the web site;
- who should have reading access for internal parts.

As a registry supervisor, you may create and manage service accounts. If you don't have supervisor rights, we can create the accounts for you. Please send us the account name that you wish to create. It should have between 4 and 8 letters/numbers.

Registry rules from the data protection commissioner