When can I not yet switch to Windows 10?


At least in 2018 there will still be certain conditions that can prevent or delay a switch to Windows 10.

Please note, the whole mirgration to windows 10 should be agreed upon in your group in order to avoid disruptions in your workflow.

Please read the following sections to judge whether this applies to you or your group.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, please check if there are any preliminary work to complete.

For questions and comments please contact windows-10@desy.de.

Do you use computers in private networks?

If you use computers in private networks (192.168.x.x), the usual Windows operation should work. However, there may be side effects; in case of doubt, contact the Windows team (windows@desy.de) or test the intended operation in the private network.

Is your hardware unsuitable?

Please clarify this question with your group administrator.



Do you use self-programmed software?

If you are using software you have programmed yourself, an extensive test of it under Windows 10 is required before the changeover.

Do you use software not available through DSM?

The background to the question is that the compatibility of software provided via DSM with Windows 10 is ensured.

If you or your group use software that you have purchased by yourself, it is necessary to check in consultation with the manufacturer whether the software is released for Windows 10.

Do you use LabVIEW?

If you are using LabVIEW from National Instruments, check to what extend your solutions developed with LabVIEW also run under Windows 10 before the migration - especially when using special hardware and associated drivers, there are indications that adaptation work is required.

Do you need older versions of scientific software?

Via DSM, the latest available versions of scientific software such as MATLAB, Mathematica, etc. are (initially) offered. The background is to start, if possible, on a comparatively new version under Windows 10. If it is indispensable and necessary on a larger scale to use an older version, the possible procedure in this regard must be discussed. Please contact windows-10@desy.de.

Do you use software that must be unlocked in DSM?

You can only see certain software packages in DSM if they have been previously activated. The background is, that the software either requires cost approval or training. Examples of such software are Acrobat, MS Project, MS Visio, SolidEdge and other applications of the group IPP.

  • If the name of your computer does not change during the changeover, you do not need to do anything. The unlocks continue to work.
  • If the name of your computer changes during the changeover, the unlocks must be transferred from the old computer name to the new computer name - to do this, please send an e-mail to the UCO (uco@desy.de) with the old computername, the new computer name and the software you want to use.

Note: Due to the technical processes, it may take up to two hours after installation of the computer before the software packages are displayed in the DSM shop.

Note for the second case: As soon as the new name has been activated, the software may be uninstalled on the computer with the old name - this can take up to 14 hours, but it can also happen very quickly if the technical processes involved interact in an unfavourable way. If the software is still needed on the old computer, it is recommended to start the activation change after triggering the computer installation.



Do you use AdressPlus?

In the version used under Windows 7, AdressPlus can no longer be used under Windows 10. However, since a new version requires more extensive work in the background (database conversion), this must first be done. This is planned for 2018.

Do you have locally stored data (Desktop, C:,...)?

If you have stored data on your desktop or in local data directories like C: and these are still needed, they must be stored elsewhere, because at least the C: disk will be completely overwritten. Please ask your group administrator.

Is your computer a notebook?

If your computer is a notebook of the category mobile 1,all your data exist only on the hard disk and therefore are not automatically saved on the central networkdrives  - a conversion to w10 will delete this data. Please ask your group administrator how your data can be saved or restored to your new operating system.

As a rough guideline to check the stored data it is recommended to look at the following places and secure them appropriately:

- My Documents (possibly c:\users\<account>\my documents for category mobile1 notebooks)

- Desktop (c:\users\<account>\desktop on any notebook)

- Application-specific settings (c:\users\<account>\ApplicationData\local)

- Directories you have created yourself on C:

- Maybe on other partitions (D:, E:, ...)

Is there a newer BIOS for the computer?

ATTENTION: Please only work here in consultation/cooperation with the admin!

Here you will find the responsible administrators of your group:


We strongly advise you to check whether the BIOS of the computer to be converted or a new computer is up to date and to update the BIOS if necessary. The background is that the known security holes ("Meltdown" /"Spectre") in the processors require this.

Attention: At present - 24.1.2018 - it is not recommended to use the very latest BIOS due to the ongoing work of the manufacturers, but only the latest before 2018.

That's how it works:

  • Log on to Windows 7
  • On S\services\driver\windows7, locate the "1Latest Bios" directory under the corresponding computer category and then the subdirectory named after the respective computer/ motherboard model
  • Start the exe located in this directory



Do you use SolidEdge?

SolidEdge (SE) will not exist under Windows 10 for strategic reasons. The background is that all SE users will work with NX in the future. The changeover to NX will be completed by the end of 2018. Users who have to work with SE until the changeover will have to work with Windows 7 and can only switch to Windows 10 after switching to NX.

Do you use I-DEAS?

I-DEAS will not be available under Windows 10 for strategic reasons. The background is that all I-DEAS users will work with NX in the future. The changeover to NX will be completed by the end of 2018. Users who have to work with I-DEAS until the changeover will have to work with Windows 7 and will not be able to switch to Windows 10 until after switching to NX.

Do you use AutoCAD in combination with Cadbas?

The products AutoCAD and CADBAS in the currently available version are not executable under Windows 10. The IPP and ZE groups plan to introduce a successor solution for creating front panel designs by the end of 2018. A change to Windows 10 is only possible after that.