Win10: additional information

Here aspects are listed that contain additional information about Windows 10 - both of a general nature and specifically concerning its use at DESY.

Working with Microsoft accounts

Windows 10 tries to direct users to Microsoft services in various places, for example via e-mail on or via the store to (purchase) software. In order to be able to use these services, you need a different computer account than the usual one at DESY, namely a Microsoft account.

The DESY-IT environment contains all services required for business work. In this respect, the use of a Microsoft account should not be necessary. We therefore advise against using MS accounts on service devices.

If you are unsure or miss something, please contact the UCO (


Edge favorites ("bookmarks") are always stored locally on the hard disk - i.e. they are not backed up. One backup method is to import the favorites to ex- and Internet Explorer (IE). If IE is not operated on a mobile device, the IE favorites are located in the H drive and are subject to central backup there.

It is recommended that you regularly export the favorites from Edge and back up this file to the H drive.


pdf generation & editing

Under Windows 10, it is no longer necessary to install a separate program to generate pdf files. Microsoft now supplies the "printer""Microsoft Print to PDF" for this purpose. This can be used for pdf generation as follows:

  • Select a document or web page and go to the print menu as usual - or press the keys Ctrl + P.
  • Select "Microsoft Print to PDF" as the printer and click on "Print".
  • A window opens in which you can specify the storage location.
Microsoft Store

Note: Before installing software from the Microsoft Store, you should check whether the software is available via DESY's own software distribution (DSM) or otherwise at DESY!

The Microsoft Store offers every user the possibility to install software on the computer. Since the software in the store is checked by Microsoft, software should be installed from the store rather than from other websites - if available in the store, of course.


Virtual desktops

Windows 10 provides the ability to create multiple desktops to make your work faster and easier. To create a virtual desktop, click the icon on the taskbar with the overlapping rectangles (next to the search) or press the Windows key + tab to get an overview of your open tabs and at the bottom right you can create a new desktop. You can quickly switch between desktops by pressing Win + Ctrl + Left/right arrow keys.

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Internet Explorer

The web browser Internet Explorer is - besides the new browser Edge - available under Windows 10 as well. Internet Explorer may need to be used instead of Edge if web pages are incompatible with Edge, i.e. do not work as they should.

Encryption of hard disks

Windows 10 enables the encryption of hard disks. However, we advise against this on desktop devices located at DESY. For notebooks, security considerations should be the decisive factor for or against encryption.

That may be how it works:

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ATTENTION: Never lose the key! There is no way to recover encrypted data without it.