DESY GO Portal

In the DESY GO Portal you find all processes/workflows, which are realized with the BPM system.
For the time being you can use the GO Portal to request a leave, approve or reject such requests for colleagues and to get an overview over your vacation days.
At present the DESY GO Portal operates in a pilot phase . Some DESY groups take part in this phase.


The DESY GO Portal can be accessed via


The GO Portal is only accessible from the DESY-Intranet and if required via VPN or SSH-Tunnel from outside.

Log on to the Portal

Please log on with your (primary)  DESY account and password.

Before you can use processes like the request for holiday in the portal, it is required that your DESY account is mapped securely and without any doubt to the data stored in the SAP system by the HR department V2.

Therefore it is necessary for you to register here and enter your date of birth. Activation of the DESY GO Portal follows the successful match of this data to the SAP. The confirmation of your account can take an entire day.

In case your password is expired, please contact the UCO or the Namespace Administrator of your group.

if you do not have a DESY-Account, please contact the Namespace Supervisor of your group.

In case logon is unsuccessful, please contact the UCO.

Change of Display Language

The display language in the portal can be either German or English. It can be changed in the menu item General: User Profile. The changed settings will become effective after logging out of and back in to the system.

Working With the Portal

Please do not use the Back-Button of your browser to go back.

Pressing Refresh resp. F5 will reload the portal homepage.

After logging in you can see your portal page.

On the left you will find the options available to you.

All users will have the following:

  • General: User Profile: here one can view one's personal user data and f.i. change the display language
  • Data Protection Provisions: reference to DESYs data protection provisions
  • Help: this help to the portal

Further entries depend on which options you have the respective authorization for.


The tasks pending to be processed can be found on the right side under "My Tasklist".

This is where project leaders, holiday substitutes, approvers etc. will find their colleagues' requests.

In the upper right corner under your name is a short pull-down menu with the option to log out.

Working With the Tasklist

The tasks pending to be processed are found on the right under "My Tasklist". You get an email everytime you receive a new task (no repeated reminders), if this is configured in the user profile.

This is where project leaders, holiday substitutes, approvers etc. will find their colleagues' requests.

By activating the check box next to "Show Task Details" you will be shown detailed information for each task.

To only see the details of a particular task click on the gray area next to the task name.

Aufgabe mit Details

If you want to claim a task you can do so by clicking on the task name.

In case you then can not/ do not want to handle the task after all, click the Reassign button to re-transfer the task on to a team (if available).

At present new tasks do not automatically appear in the tasklist if the portal is open. For an updated view press F5 resp. refresh your browser.


This help to the GO Portal can be found under the menu item Help.

Help for a particular task can be found in the upper section after callling the process. The respective process owner is responsible.

The help pages for the request for holidays can be found here.


Logging Out

The menu at the top right enables you to log out.

Should your opened browser window be used by other users - e.g. on a pool pc - it is strongly advised to log out after finishing work.

Automatic Log-Out

After 30 minutes of inactivity you will automatically be logged out of the portal. In this case the page reports back of its own accord with a login mask.
If one does not wish to log back in it is advised to close the browser window or respective tab.

Operation of Portal

The IT group is responsible for the operation of the GO portal. In case of questions or problems please contact the UCO.

Responsible for the processes are the IPP group and respective process owner group, e.g. V2 in case of the vacation process. With specific process related questions please contact .

Supported Browsers

The lastest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported.

Other browser like Safari and Chrome can generally be used as well. However, extensive tests have not been conducted with those. This higher expenditure in tests and development can not be provided.

Use of Cookies

The Portal uses cookies. Logging on is not possible if browser cookies are not enabled.

Mobile Usage

The portal is also available on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) from the DESY intranet.

Tested browser for those devices is Google Chrome.

iOS/Safari on iphones (version >8.1)  has  problems scrolling to the bottom of the forms.

Some menu items (f.e. reports of holidays) are not yet optimized for the mobile view.

Known Errors

The following issues are known and are under examination:

  • Approvers' Email under MacMail: the emails, which inform the approvers about new tasks, are not displayed correctly under MacMail. Please use other Mailclients to read this email.
  • Request for Holiday Form with iphone/Safari: there are problems to scroll to the bottom of the  form of the request for holiday with some version of Safari
  • the view of the reports of holidays are not optimized for the mobile view.