Printing from UNIX

We use the 'Common Unix Printing System' -> CUPS to propagate the centrally hosted DESY printers .

The printers are spread over a number of CUPS servers depending on their location on the campus and some logic restrictions.

Look here for an overview:

Centrally IT-managed UNIX/LINUX hosts come with a predefined CUPS server depending on your default netgroup.

If you are missing a printer or the default CUPS server on your system does not meet your needs please speak to your local admin, he or she will be able to change the CUPS server permanently.

If you want to connect to a different CUPS server once in a while you can use:

'lpr -H <cups-server> -P <drucker> <druckjob>'

Locally attached printers will be recognized by the CUPS system on the host, independent from the central server configuration.


Using the DESY print system on non-DESY LINUX hosts

If you are in the guestnetwork or eduroam please use '' as CUPS server, if you have an internal DESY IP please check which CUPS server suits you (see above).

How to configure the host to use the DESY CUPS server:

Edit the file '/etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf' (path can vary, you may need to install the cups-browsed pkg)

# Use BrowsePoll to poll a particular CUPS server
BrowsePoll <>:631
Start or restart cups and cups-browsed in order to make the changes effective !

The printers published by the named CUPS server should now show up in the usual dialogues.