High Performance Computing

The physics computing group of IT supports the operation as well as further developments of the PC-cluster for QCD lattice gauge calculations in close collaboration with the DESY Theory group.(This page is part of the Physics Computing web page.
See also Grid Computing.)


Fast-communication PC cluster at DESY: Status report Part 1 (H. Wittig, Hamburg), Part 2 (P. Wegner, Zeuthen)
Talks given in EDV Seminar at DESY, 10 June 2002
Karl Jansen (NIC/DESY): LatFor Initiative in Germany. Talk given at NESC2002 (2002).
Zeuthen seminar talk of Don Holmgren (Fermilab), August 26th, 2002.
Summer Student Programme 2002: L. F. Seivane (E): Cluster Monitoring (Talk: pdf, ppt Report: pdf), M. Kapalka (PL): Benchmarking (Talk: pdf, ppt), and Student's Session Summary (Talk: pdf, ppp)